Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of e-Helper Timesheet of the Students and Staff  Services Platform (SSSP)


General Questions

The e-Helper Timesheet (e-Timesheet) is built on the Students and Staff Services Platform (SSSP) under BUniPort in the “Works” tab page as well as HKBU Mobile App. The eTimesheet contains two forms, namely “Student Helper Information Registration Form” and “Student Helper Summary Sheet”. The “Student Helper Information Registration Form” is used for the registration of helpers’ personal information while the “Student Helper Summary Sheet” is used by hiring departments to input their helpers’ timesheets for submission to the Budget Controllers’ approval before passing to the Finance Office for payment processing.

A transitional period of ONE month (from 1 March 2022 to 31 March 2022) is given to the University community to submit either paper-based timesheets or e-Timesheets. Thereafter, no paper-based or scanned copies of the helper timesheets will be processed by the Finance Office. Starting from 1 April 2022, all helpers’ timesheets must be submitted via the e-Timesheet system and any paper-based or scanned copies of helpers’ timesheets will not be processed and a corresponding message will be sent to the sender.

The cut-off date for submitting e-Timesheet will be extended from the end of each incurred month to the second working day of the ensuring two months. Hiring departments can submit an e-Timesheet for an employment incurred in January 2022 latest by 2 March 2022 (the second working day of the ensuing two months). Thereafter, late submission will not be accepted. Nonetheless, hiring departments are reminded to submit their helpers’ timesheets timely, preferably on a regular monthly basis and within the same incurred month of engaging the helpers. This will facilitate timely payments to the helpers.

No. There is no auto-save function for the e-Timesheet. All input will be erased if the eTimesheet is not submitted.

You can check the status of your submitted timesheet under the “Cases” column in SSSP landing/home page. You may refer to the e-Learning Guide – Student Helper Summary Sheet Status Enquiry” for explanations of each status.

No, you have to create ONE Student Helper Summary Sheet for local helpers and ONE Student Helper Summary Sheet for non-local helpers. For each Student Helper Summary Sheet, you may then submit multiple timesheets for multiple helpers under each group for local and non-local helpers.