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Scope of Services:

  • Accounting and budgeting services for all non-teaching offices, student hostels and capital projects
  • Accounting and budgeting services for all faculties, schools, academy, research centres, research projects, Academic Community Hall, Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia, and Joint Sports Centre
  • Agency funds
  • Annual accounts
  • Annual budget exercises
  • Common Data Collection Format
  • Annual Return
  • Endowment and development funds
  • Fixed assets
  • Triennium estimates
  • Support to Finance Committee (management accounts papers)
  • University Grants Committee, Research Grants Committee and capital project returns
  • Private Fund Appropriations
  • Strategic Development Fund

Last updated on 22-Dec-2022

Scope of Services:

  • Forge ahead the digital transformation initiatives of Finance Office (FO) 
  • Act as a change agent to facilitate process re-engineering and optimal automation  
  • Pioneer the use of advanced information technologies to enrich user experience  
  • Provide user administration and operational support for the following systems: 
        o Oracle Financial Information System, including i-Expense and Payment Requisition to Vendor 
        o Retained Financial Modules  
        o Financial Dashboards  
        o e-Tender Box System  
        o e-Medical Claims System  
        o Timesheet System to comply with Cost Allocation Guidelines (CAG) of UGC  
        o University Vehicle Booking System  
        o Staff Cost Commitment System (to be revamped) 
  • Provide first-line system application support and liaison with service contractors 
  • Conduct user training/briefing and regular time survey analysis for CAG 
  • Handle user enquiries

Last updated on 01-Feb-2023


  • Treasury and Investment
  • Payroll and Related Tax Matters
  • Staff Benefits and Related Disbursements
  • Receipts and Donations
  • Payment Control
  • Student Fees & Studentship
  • Superannuation Fund and MPF Scheme
  • Support to Superannuation Fund Supervisory Board
  • Support to Investment Sub-Committee
General Enquiry :

Suppliers' Payments

3411 7916

Students' Tuition & Hostel Fee Payments

3411 2266

Functions :

  • Procurement
  • Support to Main Tender Board, General Tender Board
  • Stores of stationery supplies and souvenir items
  • Catering
  • Carpool
  • Insurance
  • Messenger services
Enquiry :

Team A

AV Equipment, Catering Service, Chemical, Communication, Data Subscription, Medical Equipment, Musical Instrument, Professional Service, Publication, Training and Travel

3411 7902

Team B

Building Works, Safety & Security Equipment, Furniture, Electrical Appliances, Medicines, Building-related Professional Services, Landscaping Services, Heavy Duty Machinery

3411 7681

Team C

Computer, Lab Equipment, Office Equipment & Stationery, Sports Equipment, Telecommunications, Uniform

3411 7905

Team D

Printing, Household Products, Souvenir, Event Arrangement, Facilities Service, Building Materials, Coach Services, Vehicles

3411 5515

Support Services

Catering Services

3411 5515

Car Pool Services

3411 5167


3411 7683

Messenger Services

3411 7900

Mail Room


3411 5178


3411 5744


3411 6680

Material Requisition Form (Souvenir)

3411 7900

Printing Stationery

3411 7683

Last updated on 12-Jan-2024