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The University has effected a group travel insurance policy for all overseas business trips undertaken by staff/students. You are strongly recommended to submit the Overseas Travel Insurance Declaration Form at least 5 working days before your departure. Invalid or no declaration may cause all claims incurred during the whole trip to be declined. Staff members/students are required to keep records of their business trips so that evidence can be produced upon request by the underwriter in case of claim.

Please find the details on coverage as well as exclusions of the policy from the following links before departing Hong Kong:

Official / Personal Overseas Trips Insurance Summary - Staff Only

Due to legal restriction, only staff/students with HKID cards can be covered by the group travel policy of the University while they are traveling in Mainland China.

You should report your loss to the police in USA and request a copy of the police report/certification from them to serve as an evidence of your loss.  When you come back to Hong Kong, you should obtain a claim form from the website of FO and submit the duly completed claim form with all supporting documents (including the police report/certification, purchase invoice and/or replacement invoice of your lost items) to the Finance Office within 30 days from the date of your return.

All claims are made on reimbursement basis.  You should forward your receipt together with your claim form obtainable at the website of FO after returning to Hong Kong.  Please note that pre-existing diseases/conditions and some diseases (e.g. AIDS) are excluded from the insurance policy.

For emergency, staff/students can make a collect call to the 24-hour worldwide SOS hotline: (852) 2886-3977. The SOS service will provide guarantee service to the insured so that the insured will receive immediate medical treatments.  You need to quote "Hong Kong Baptist University" as the Insured, policy number(or alternatively the insurance card number), your name & HKID number, location, name of hospital, contact number and service required to the hotline.

However, the SOS service will not settle your medical bills on your behalf.  You are required to settle your medical bills with the hospital and claim reimbursement from the insurance company after returning to Hong Kong.

The group travel policy is extended to cover your personal trips provided that prior declaration is made to FO before your departure and that premium is fully paid.  Please send your request by using the form obtainable at

Request for Insurance Coverage for Personal Oversea Trips Staff and Student
(Zurich: TTT0001125ZC)

The University has NOT effected any insurance policy to protect the personal belongings of staff/students.  Therefore, staff/students should take good care of their properties in the University.