Auxiliary Services
Financial Policies
Miscellaneous Fees and Charges
Oracle Financial Information System Project Information
Payment of Salary and Staff Benefit
Payment Schedule
Rental Charges
Superannuation Fund and MPF Scheme
Useful Information
Insurance for Staff members
Cost Allocation Practices
Performance Pledge
Financial Policies and Procedures
  1. Purchasing and Tendering Procedures
  2. Budgetary Control Rules
  3. Procedures on Receipt of Cash or Cash Equivalents
  4. Rules Governing the Spending of Research Projects
  5. University Policies on Overhead Costs Recovery
  6. Fixed Assets Control Procedures
  7. Policy on the Disposal of Fixed Assets
  8. (a) Procurement of Travel Services
    (b) Guidelines for Procurement of Travel Services
  9. Procurement of Legal Services
  10. Setting Up A New Subsidiary Company
  11. FAQ on Financial Regulations & Procedures
  12. Products with Recommended Green Features
  13. Proposed Mechanism to Enhance U-wide Internal Charging and Settlement
  14. (a) Procedures for Cash Advancement
    (b) Procedures for Cash Advancement – Appendix A
  15. (a) Policy on One Level Up Approval for Self-Consumed Expenditure
    (b) Policy on One Level Up Approval for Self-Consumed Expenditure (Appendix)
  16. Budgeting Process for Recurrent Fund
  17. Petty Cash
  18. Use of Non-UGC / UGC Funds
  19. Guidelines on the Use of Donations and Matched Grants
  20. Business Travel Policy
  21. Mileage Allowance
  22. FAQ on FIS and BUniPort
  23. Policy on Hospitality and Mobile Phone Expenditure
  24. Collection and Destruction of Confidential Waste Paper and Documents
  25. Disallowing Expense Claims on Uber Fares in Hong Kong and Plastic Bottled Water
  26. Guidelines on Reimbursement of Expenses to Visitors
  27. Sustainable Procurement Policy
  28. Sustainable Food Policy
  29. Policy on Anti-Slavery and Equivalent Rights for Outsourced Workers
  30. Travel Insurance - Additional Premium for COVID-19 Coverage
  31. Submission of Claims in i-Expense Module
  32. Policy on Provision of Non-Assurance Services by the Auditor of the University  
  33. Updated Policy on Claiming Uber Ride-Hailing Service Fare ("Uber Fare")