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  1. If students have applied NLSFT and are waiting for the result, students MUST apply for online deferral of tuition fee through BUniPort on or before the payment due date.  The University does not keep track on the application status of a student’s NLSFT.  No online deferral can be submitted after the payment due date and students will bear the consequence of any late penalty charge (see B(5) above) if deferral application is not submitted on time.

  2. If the application for NLSFT is successful, your NLSFT will be disbursed from Student Finance Office (SFO), HKSAR Government, to the University for offsetting your tuition fee fully or partially. You will receive a remittance advice from SFO which states your NLSFT disbursement date.

  3. If your NLSFT can only partially cover your tuition fee debit note, you will receive an email notification from the University that a new e-Debit Note has been issued. Please pay the remaining tuition fee before the stipulated payment due date.

  4. If the NLSFT disbursement date is AFTER your tuition fee payment due date, you must settle the tuition fee first. After receiving the fund from SFO, the University will arrange refund of NLSFT by bank autopay to your bank account input in BUniPort. You will receive an email from the University when the NLSFT refund is scheduled. As all refunds to students is limited to electronic payment method, please ensure you have input your bank account details in BUniPort, otherwise, the refund process will not be arranged.

  1. You should settle your outstanding e-Debit Note by depositing the ENLS cheque at any branch of Hang Seng Bank on or before the payment due date. Then please send your bank-in slip to FO-Student Team ( for follow-up.

  2. The University will arrange a refund if student who has previously settled the tuition fee using own money. Please ensure you have input your bank account information in BUniPort, otherwise, the refund will not be arranged.