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All students are required to settle tuition fee in full before the stipulated payment due date. Please refer to Payment Schedule for current academic year. e-Debit Note and e-Notification will be issued to students 2 weeks before the payment due date. Students are strongly advised to make payment immediately after receiving the e-Notification to avoid late penalty payment.

  1. For UGC-funded undergraduate students who are studying beyond the normal study period, their tuition fee debit notes will only be issued after the study units enrolled for that semester have been confirmed by the Academic Registry. Students will receive an e-Notification for payment regarding their fee payment arrangement, normally in September/October (for Semester 1) or January/February (for Semester 2).

  2. For other students, they should receive their e-Debit Note and e-Notification in the BUniPort about 2 weeks before the payment due date.  If student could not find the e-Debit Note in the BUniPort, please contact the Academic Registry (for undergraduate students) or the Graduate School (for postgraduate students) for clarification.

You may refer to the Fees and Charges in the University Student Handbook.

All fees paid are not refundable.

If students fail to settle the tuition fees before the payment due date, there will be a fixed late penalty charge as per Penalty Table. Thereafter, the student will be considered as unofficially withdrawn if the outstanding fees are not settled after 10 working days and must obtain the approval from the Academic Registrar/Dean of Graduate School or designate for re-admission. In view of this, students are strongly advised to pay the outstanding fees immediately by using electronic payment channels.